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We believe every person has the ability to heal themselves and we provide the guidance and support to practice these skills in a safe space.

Where Healing Dwells

Let us help you manage and balance your energy centers.

How you think can affect how you feel. And how you feel can affect your thinking. This is called the mind-body connection. Having a positive attitude and belief that you'll get better, your brain is likely to produce chemicals that will boost your body's healing power.


Mind-Body connection is how your body responds to stress. Constant worry and stress over jobs, finances, or other problems can cause tense muscles, pain, headaches, stomach and illness. When you are able to relax your mind and body, your body stops producing the hormones that create stress. The feelings of stress ease, and you return to a state of calm, both physically and mentally.


Meaning and belief is the sense that there is purpose in our lives even when we face its darker side. The human spirit drives the quest for meaning, and meaning sustains our will to live. Identifying the things in your life that give you a sense of inner peace, comfort, strength, love, and connection will promote growth within the spirit.


The soul is our essence, our innermost, our true self. It is pure, whole, complete, intact and unaffected by any human experiences. When we make choices from the soul, they are naturally caring, healing and loving for the body.

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