New Client Sound Therapy


60 Minutes – One-on-One

This is a one-time offer for new clients wanting to participate in a one-on-one private sound therapy session.



*No refunds. Can be rescheduled at no additional cost prior to 24hr before scheduled appointment

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A sound bath is a blend of therapeutic instruments (gong, crystal bowls, and wind chimes). The sound and vibrations from the instruments help promote relaxation and restoration within the body, mind and energy centers.  The energy centers are a fundamental influence for the physical body. When there is blockage or disharmony within the energetic body, it can often manifest into a physical and/or emotional illness or imbalance. Sound wave frequencies from these instruments help harmonize energy centers that are imbalanced or blocked energetically, emotionally, or physically.

During your session you will be lying on a massage table with a blanket for comfort as you enjoy sound waves from a blend of therapeutic instruments being played, on and around the body.  These sound sessions are personally tuned to your needs. Specific trauma or injury (physically or otherwise) can be targeted using the tuned frequencies of these instruments. These frequencies allow balancing/releasing of different emotions, illnesses, diseases, energy centers and trauma. Clients usually leave feeling more relaxed and content. Learn More…